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Meditations of a Dangerous Fool

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←Back to Entertainment This one-man show, slated to tour stages nationally, is a remarkable mix of social commentary, comedy, music, and video. Supported by live music and original artwork, The Fool debunks many of t...

Too Hard

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←Back to Entertainment Rapper Cook Kev’s beat about confronting the struggles of leaving street life after doing time. Time 4:00

Chew Toy

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←Back to Entertainment Cocoa and Felina show their dance moves as they perform their R&B hit, Chew Toy, in the movie White Men Can’t Rap.  Time:  0:55


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←Back to Entertainment KO and Cocoa Bean Mogul (E.Ness’ vocals) battle it out in a pivotal scene from White Men Can’t Rap.  Time 4:20

Tuff Sports

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←Back to Entertainment This fantasy football talk show featuring former Philadelphia Eagle Vaughn Hebron, aired on a national cable outlet. Excerpt:  3:30

Closed Door: The Integration of Baseball

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←Back to Entertainment Intimate interviews with Major League and Negro League veterans including Hank Aaron, Bob Feller and Buck O’Neil carry us back to 1870 to tell baseball’s complete integration tale.  Narrated by...

White Men Can’t Rap

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←Back to Entertainment Fleet Walker produced this slapstick comedy that won a Best Feature Film Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival. Trailer: 1:50

Animation Reel

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←Back to Corporate Fleet Walker creates motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation and special effects to effectively deliver client messages.

World Usability Day

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←Back to Corporate Noted journalist John Hockenberry was World Usability Day’s Honorary Chairman and provided the anchor for this video to promote their theme:  Making Life Easier through Quality Design. Time:  4:00

Da’Ron Cox Legal Defense Fund

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←Back to Corporate Fleet Walker developed a crime scene reenactment and helped the DCLDF tell the shameful tale of how a Pennsylvania man was sent to jail by a justice system run amok. Time: 5:00

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